Advertising/Communication Support Materials for Breeders’ Cup 2018

There are no two days quite like the wagering opportunities presented by the Breeders’ Cup. As a valued partner, our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to inform and motivate your customers to participate in the event. Using these advertising assets to educate the wagering public in your market will help us achieve a mutually-beneficial goal.


Print advertising elements can be used in a variety of ways. Some potential uses include:

  • Full and/or fractional ads within your daily program
  • Handouts during simulcasting
  • Local print media buys — in either color or black-white
Preview print ads here.

Eastern Time Ads

download Bet Like No Other .zip

Pacific Time Ads

download Bet Like No Other .zip

(.zip includes: full-color and b&w InDesign files for Bet Like No Other creative)


Digital advertising elements can be used to reach an on-line audience via:

  • Your website placement for various sized digital ads
  • Digital media buys to promote Breeders’ Cup day

All of these assets allow for easily local customization to add your logo and any other pertinent information for your customers planning their Breeders’ Cup day.

download .zip

(.zip includes: 728x90 | 160x600 | 300x250)

Broadcast Assets

Included are both TV/broadcast as well as radio assets. While the radio asset is a script to be recorded in your market, the broadcast elements have been produced, but still allow for local customization.

Suggested uses for broadcast materials include:

  • Placement on your in-house broadcast system, including tote board
  • Placement on your website
  • Use in local TV/radio purchased media buys
  • Use in social media posts

There are ample opportunities to display your track logo and pertinent event information on all broadcast materials as well.

download .zip

(.zip includes: .mp4 video file)


To reach your customers via digital media, we are also providing you a number of GIFs that can be an “edutainment” message for your overall Breeders’ Cup campaign.

download .zip

(.zip includes: 13 gifs)


An opportunity to use larger form advertising while your wagering customers are on-site at your facility is included as well. These downloadable posters are for use in the weeks leading up to the Breeders’ Cup.

download .zip

(.zip includes: 11x17 InDesign file)

Our goal, as always, is to help you have a successful Breeders’ Cup simulcast event. These tools are meant to be a resource to support your marketing and drive both wagering and on-site attendance.

If you have any questions or more specific requests, please contact the Breeders’ Cup marketing staff:

Jason Donders [Breeders' Cup]
Justin McDonald [Breeders' Cup]